Shipping Terms


The act of determining position, location and course to the destination of an aircraft or a vessel.

Imprudent action or omission which may cause injury, damage or loss.

In terms of documents, ‘negotiable’ means that e.g. a Bill of Lading is handed over/transferred in the right manner (viz. proper endorsement) to another person either endorsed in blank or endorsed to a person and that person acquires, by this transfer certain rights vis-¿is the goods e.g. is entitled to take possession of the goods.

Net Manifest
A manifest containing all freight details including negotiated disbursements.

Net Weight
The weight of the goods, excluding all packing.

Network Planning System
A technique for making a time schedule for the implementation of a project.

New Computerised Transit System
Abbreviation: NCTS
A concept for custom authorities to manage European Community and common transit, based on the use of computer systems and EDI techniques.

Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier
Abbreviation: NVOCC
A party who undertakes to carry goods and issues in his own name a Bill of Lading for such carriage, without having the availability of any own means of transport.

Normal Charge
The specified general cargo rate without any quantity discount (air cargo).

Normal General Cargo Rate
The under 45 kgs rate or, if no under 45 kgs rate exists, the under 100 kgs rate (air cargo).

Normal Rate

See Normal General Cargo Rate

Notice of Readiness
Written document or telex issued by the master of a vessel to the charterer¿s advising them the moment when a vessel is ready to load or discharge.
Document advising a consignee or his agent that cargo has arrived and is ready for delivery.

Notify Address
Address of the party other than the consignee to be advised of the arrival of the goods.

Notify Party
The party to be notified of arrival of goods.